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Affair Recovery

How to move past an affair?

Moving past an affair can be challenging and feel hopeless but there is hope. You can make it through this challenging time and even come out stronger if you are willing to put in the work and be completely honest with each other. 

What does Affair Recovery Look like?

During affair recovery counseling we will create a full disclosure that helps the affair partner share with the betrayed partner the facts of the affair. The betrayed partner will have the opportunity to ask any questions to better understand and find healing. This process removes secrets and will be the foundation for rebuilding trust in the relationship. During the session, you will learn to converse and not attack each other, begin the process of forgiveness, and create a plan to keep safe. As triggers arise for the betrayed partner you will have the opportunity to process those in a safe and supportive environment. The affair partner will also learn skills to support their partner when they experience insecurities or fears.

Support for the Betrayed Partner

Betrayal Trauma Recovery 

Support Groups for Betrayed partner

Recovery Steps:

1. Full therapeutic Disclosure - You have to share 100% or that unshared 2% will put the couple back to square one. 

2. Why letter  (affair partner) - sharing why the affair happened

3. Impact letter-  betrayed partner shares how the affair impacted them

4. Rebuilding trust and Emotional Restitution Letter

5. Recovery plans and boundary setting

6. Recommitment


Affair Recover Site

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