Dealing with Addiction

I have been working in addiction since 2013 and have become very passionate about working with individuals struggling with addiction. It is my goal to meet you where you are and support you and your family in managing the symptoms of addiction, recovering from the consequences of addiction, and to learn skills to improve your ability to reduce your relapse potential. 

Substance Use counseling/coaching can be used for Couples, individuals, or families. 


Anyone suffering from a drug, alcohol, or behavioral addiction knows how powerful and devastating this disease can be. Sometimes a person abusing substances believes they are managing addiction on their own, when in reality their addiction is managing them. A professional addiction counselor can help a person abusing substances or behaviors at any stage of readiness to achieve and maintain sobriety.

Counselors are an important part of addiction therapy and their role and involvement in the treatment process is instrumental to recovery.

Addiction counselors can help support you throughout the treatment process and create an individualized plan for recovery, relapse prevention, and after-care.

What Does an Addiction Counselor/coach Do?

With the help of an addiction counselor, you can explore what caused you to use drugs or alcohol, share and process feelings, increase awareness of negative thought and behavior patterns, learn healthy coping skills, identify potential triggers, and create a long-term plan to sustain your sobriety. This type of therapy can include individual, couples, or family counseling.

Types of Therapy Used                              Coaching Tools Used

- Motivational Interviewing                   - Relapse prevention plan

- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy            - Wrap plan

- Harm Reduction Models                     - Anger management 

- Person-Centered Therapy

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