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Process Groups / Motivational Speaking / Educational Workshop

Work Desk

Anxiety Process Group

Are you feeling alone, overwhelmed, or stressed? In this process group we will explore the triggers for out anxiety and tools that can be used to support in decreasing symptoms. Group therapy gives you a place to come where you are accepted as you are and you can gain knowledge from others in similar situations. 

Please book a consultation using the apts link to be evaluated for the group. Once accepted into the group you will receive a link for the weekly meeting. 

For any questions Please feel free to email me at

Location: Zoom

Date: Wednesdays 9:00am-10:00am

Open Group

4-8 participants

Price: $50 per session.


Motivational Speaking

I am available for educational and motivational speaking engagements

Motivational Speaking

Educational Workshop

8 Week group on Building healthy communication in couples

Educational workshop
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