Coparenting for Blended Families

How do you meet the challenges of parenting children in a blended family while also maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner? Blended families need a platform to openly express feeling about the changes in family structure while also learning how to connect with the new members of the family and create new positive memories. This type of therapy educates parents on ways to create connections in the family while also providing space for adults to explore their own emotions, frustrations, and challenges. It encourages open communication about differing parenting styles while supporting differences and exploring solutions.

Healthy co-parenting does not mean you or your spouse have to be 100% perfect for the task. This is like a lifetime appointment, disappointments and mistakes that can not be avoided but will definitely occur throughout the years whenever you may be together. Make sure that the foundation of your communication is strong enough so that you can withstand any rough cycles using various techniques explained above or those you may learn along the course of your life as a co-parent.

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"While there are several traits of a healthy co-parenting relationship, the one that will always remain the first priority and can never be negotiated is the “respect”. -John Brooks