Communication with Children

At times it can feel as though your children speak a different language. During counseling, you will learn how to effectively communicate with your child in a way that deepens the relationship, encourages your child to be independent, and helps you to set healthy boundaries. Children are constantly growing and it can be hard to keep up is there is not healthy parent-child communication and an open path for communication to happen. 

Conflict in the Family

At times when conflict in the family gets out of hand, it can be helpful to have a mediator that can step in and support in identifying the underlying issue, creating a path for communication, and aiding in developing a solution. This can also be helpful for parents who struggle to set boundaries or communicate effectively. 

Parenting Challenging Children

During therapy, you will learn about the developmental stages of children, learn to communicate, develop boundaries, support independence, and nourish the relationship. Some kids are labeled as "bad" when they are simply misunderstood. Through therapy, you can better understand how to parent a challenging child by learning to understand them better and communicate more effectively. 


Custody Xchange

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