What is sex addiction?

Pretty much everyone loves sex, and it’s normal to want to seek out sex because it makes you feel good. However, there are millions of people who struggle with sex addiction, and they seek out sex in unhealthy ways. Sex addiction is something that can ruin lives if people don’t get help. There are various sex addiction symptoms that you should look out for if you’re worried that you or someone that you care about might have a problem. Understanding sex addiction symptoms and knowing when to get help could help you to keep your mental health from getting too bad.

What is Pornography Addiction?

One of the major issues with porn addiction is that it ‘desensitizes’ people from the excitement of genuine sex, as well as conditioning them to expect all sex to be like the sex they see on porn. Pornographic sex tends to be extreme, as well as specifically designed for the pleasure of the viewer rather than for the pleasure of the individuals involved. Those who grow up expecting real sex to be like porn are likely to be not only confused themselves, but a deep disappointment (and possibly damaging) to their future spouse. Real life sex is far more intimate, co-operative, and private than that presented upon the screen – and it comes with a whole lot of weird sensations, smells, and tastes which porn doesn’t portray! This can make people with a porn addiction upset, confused, or even angry – and they may try to ‘rectify’ the situation by attempting to make real sex more like the porn they’ve viewed. 

Symptoms of Sex or Pornography addiction

- Extreme sexual Cravings

- Engaging in unsafe sexual practices

- Missing work or other important events to have sex/watch porn

- Constant cheating

  Lying about time engaged in pornography 

- Developing depression and other problems


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