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Discernment Counseling

Discernment counseling is a short-term counseling process that focuses on the goal of achieving greater clarity about whether to try to restore the marriage or to continue toward divorce. In this type of therapy, most of the work is done separately to provide a space for both parties to explore challenges, what led to this place, and if there is any resolution.

What will be explored:

  • Divorce narratives (how you got to this point),

  • Repair narratives (how you have tried to solve your problems and what outside help you have sought)

  • Question about the best of times in your relationship history.

  • Each partner's agenda (leaving or saving the marriage, along with other agendas)

  • Create a deeper understanding of each partner's contributions to the marital dynamics and areas of potential change.

Counseling is expected to be between 1-5 sessions. At this point, clients would evaluate if they want to begin a 6-month couples counseling agreement or if they would like to move towards divorce or separation.

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