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Disclaimer and Limitations:

Most of these documents are based on content that I have extracted or integrated from books, the Internet, and many other sources. I do not want to take credit for work that is not mine.I am making them available so you don't have to cut, paste, sort, and sift through endless content. Consider it a "best of what's out there" on couples therapy topics.


Boundaries book
Marriage book
Trauma book
anxiety book
Trauma book
Affair book
coparenting book
Autism book
Journal to help process daily emotions

Journal - This wonderful journal provides an opportunity to check in with yourself and gives prompts to promote gratitude and positive thinking


Therapist referral

Rosario Puga-Dempsey,

MA, LMFT #130539


Tel: (408) 438-1581

Specializes in child and family therapy. Spanish speaking. 

Therapist referral

Alexis Johnson
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #126055

Specializes in Grief/Loss, Life Transitions, Highly Sensitive Person, PTSD, Addiction, Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Job Stress, Compassion Fatigue, Existential Concerns


Therapist referral

Bobbi Kyle Gutierrez LMFT 118315

P: 408.641.1022


Sliding scale available

Specializes in: Addiction, Couples, and Anxiety

Therapist referral

Danielle Kamis MD

Psychiatry Services



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