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It's ok to just be You- Learning to love yourself in a world that tells you otherwise

How often do you find yourself comparing yourself what society says you should be like? Your hair isn't blonde enough, you are tall enough, you sure are skinny enough, you don't have the right job, you don't have enough money, your car isn't shiny enough or new enough, your personality is completely off, you should be more funny…..

Over and over and over we see and hear or are told that we should be something else. Why isn't it okay to just be you? The trap that comes from constantly comparing yourself is that you begin to feel that you are not enough and that you will never be good enough. You spend your life constantly reaching for more, never happy with what you have or what you are. You look at yourself in the mirror and you don't see the beauty of who you truly are because all you can see is the things that need to change.

So you go to the gym more, you try every facial product, you do those diets but in the end you left with still being unhappy. I'm not saying it's not good to change your lifestyle and to be more healthy, to go to the gym or change what products you're using. The problem is when you're using those things change who you are because you believe that you are not enough. Make up is one of my favorite examples, make up was created to enhance one's beauty and yet now many times women put on makeup to completely change their appearance. Between contouring and facelifts, women are never happy with what they have. Between the billboards, the Websites, the articles, the videos, and the TV ads we're constantly bombarded with the notion that we have to change or look a certain way to be beautiful.

The standard for beauty is set so high that even models can't manage to fit the requirements. Photoshop is used to alter almost every single image that we ever see. So How do we ever reach that standard? We can’t… that is why I want to encourage you, you don't need to meet the standard, you don't need to be anything but yourself. Each and every person has intrinsic beauty. It's ok that you are different. It's ok you don't look like the models. It's wonderful that you have a unique personality that sets you apart. I want each person to recognize that their differences can be beauty, Their differences can lead to an incredible world where people are appreciated for the differences because it helps our society grow. You do not have to be anything but yourself, stand tall, be proud, there is LITERALLY no one in the world like you.

That means you are pretty dang special!

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